32/52: Clothes

There are two chores I would rather never ever do.  Ever.  And, when I was single, I almost never did them.

1) Cleaning toilets.  I was better about this when I was single, actually.  But there’s something about cleaning a shared toilet that I just can’t get over.  It’s a problem.  I mean, I share it with The Hunk.  I should get over it.  But places get dirty and I don’t know how.  It’s gotta be his fault, ya’ know?  Gross.  Let’s move on.

2) Folding laundry.  I wish I could get over this extreme hatred.  Left to my own devices, I am one of those girls who would rather pull something out of the clean clothes basket and put it on.  In fact, in my bachelorette days, that’s pretty much what I always did.  I only put my clothes away when I needed a basket to put my dirty clothes in.  Furthermore, in my more lazy/busy days, I just skipped the dirty basket altogether and picked up dirty clothes to move them to the laundry room, did a quick tracks retrace to find any strays dropped, and then start up the washing machine.  I have/do go to great lengths to be lazy.  Again, it’s a problem.

Currently, there is a bit of laundry I need to fold.  I’m doing so for The Hunk, who prefers order and organization–and not organized chaos as I prefer.



PS: They have a washing machine, a drying machine… when are we going to have folding machines?


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