10 in 10 on 10

Two months ago, BleuDress participated in a photography day that I decided to do this month.  Yesterday, August 10, I took 10 pictures over the course of 10 hours (mostly at the top of the hour).  Here’s a summary of my exciting boring day.

At about 11:00 am, I sat down to work on the latter for the Aries 2011-2012 yearbook.

Noon: I had almost finished the latter; I actually finished it about thirty seconds after this pic.

1:00 pm: I started fixing a late lunch.  Seth arrived home from morning meetings right as the mac n cheese and tuna was finished.  (Perfect timing!)

2:00 pm: After watching The IT Crowd, we cleaned up from lunch and Seth started the dish washer.  He’s such a happy guy.

3:00 pm: By the time 3 pm had rolled around, Seth had torn out the back part of my car and was on his way to replacing my long-time busted rear speakers.  What a mess, right?

4:00 pm: As the clock struck 4pm, we were putting the car back together.  New speakers!  Music!  Wahoo!

5:00 pm: After a few minutes of relaxing, I was listening to Shane and Shane.  Have you heard their new song, “The One You Need“?  Fabulous!  Listen, especially if you or anyone you know is the daddy of a daughter.  I sent it to a dear friend of mine who recently had a daughter.  I sang it all day long.  And will again today if you let me.

6:00 pm: I took Seth out to Graeter’s to thank him for being so awesome at replacing my speakers.  He’s cheap labor.

7:00 pm: I used, for the first time, my Philips Sonicare electric toothbrush.  I was geeked out about it and I hope my gumlines improve.  This will impress my dentists, who have only one concern about my teeth–the gumlines.

8:00 pm: As 8 pm rolled around, we were thinking about dinner.  Seth asks, “What’s for dinner?”  He sure is a handsome one.

I was hoping my 10/10/10 day would be more exciting, but, alas, my typical summer day isn’t all that exciting this year.  Maybe the next 10th will be more exciting.  Anyone want to plan something with me?

Never to bore,


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