26/52: Water

Jessica sent me this fabulous article explaining how to take pictures of a drop of water from a faucet.  This is the most challenging task I’ve taken on for Project 52.  I snapped pictures for a half hour or more and referred to my camera books and the article a few times before even capturing this.  Let me save you the trouble: Don’t forget to use flash! :)

After much work, this is what I’ve come up with for last week’s the water theme:

I took at least 300 pictures to get this one.  Seth actually got one on his fourth try, but that’s when I realized that I didn’t have the manual focus just right.  After an adjust, we both got a few good shots in.  I believe this is my best shot.

Stay tuned for week 27’s post.  I’m a tad behind.  Also, folks, I’m half way through this challenge!  Wahoo!



2 thoughts on “26/52: Water

  1. I tried for about 5 minutes outside with the hose (so the lighting would be better) before I gave up….I haven’t made the time to try it again at the sink…

    I love that you used the frog!

    • I seriously took a good chunk of time out of my day to get the shot. It took me a LOT of time and was frustrating at the least! The frog was good, but I wish that I did have a better drop for the background (no pun intended). :)

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