Yesterday was an unexpectedly good day for me.

I had to wake up early to go in to work to do some planning.  I met with my boss about the upcoming school year.  The meeting went really well; I’m really glad that I have a boss who does not make me cry when we meet.  During the three years prior, a meeting with my boss was almost the death of me.  And, even though I revert to my old emotional habits, my new boss is very constructive, helpful and, at least eventually supportive.  I’m sure Someone went before me, as The Hunk and I prayed about the meeting beforehand.

Then, I got home and was inspired and humbled by a Francis Chan video I came across online.  I’m very pleased when I see people respecting God’s word and encouraging others to remember to place themselves under it instead of over it.  While these kind of videos aren’t for everyone, I definitely respond to gentle nudges–especially when truth speaks straight to my heart.

Then, The Hunk was on his way home.  I finally made my way into the kitchen/dining room to be sure the door was unlocked for him and saw a package on the table.  It was for me.  I didn’t order anything, though.  I noticed that The Hunk’s car had arrived and I went out to greet him.  And told him about the package.  And asked him if he ordered anything.  He said no, but that my mother had.  What did I find when I opened it?

That’s right, folks!  Mother sent me the new lens I’ve been wanting!  It’s not my birthday or my anniversary and Christmas is a long ways off.  This is an “I love you” gift from someone who loves me.

It’s been a long time, for me.  Maybe because I didn’t let it sink in or because I am a jerkface to the core.  But this gift humbled me and excited me and awed me to the core.  Gifts are often exciting, but I’m usually expecting them: birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, etc.  This gift reminded me of what I often forget: I am a loved daughter; I should remember to place myself under that love instead of placing myself over that love.

I shall try.  My hardest.


PS: Look who was on the cover of Relevant Magazine this bimonth:


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