Fifteen Years Ago

Today marks a milestone.  I accepted Christ fifteen years ago.

As I reflect on the last fifteen years, I can say that God has taken me on a wild ride these fifteen years.  For crying out loud, there are many reasons that it’s miraculous that I am where I am today.

The longest battle of these fifteen years was as a result of evil within the church.  That has been the byline of my story so far.  If the most major battle of my journey so far had not happened, I would truly be in a completely different place in life.  Completely.  The major battle forced me out of the horizons of my youth and into a world that was much better than I anticipated.  In that new world, I slowly healed.  After college, God brought me to a new group of believers who provided a place where I could study the Bible deeply; this study eventually brought me to a place where God could completely, miraculously heal my broken, damaged, and bitter heart.

And He didn’t stop there.

In the last three years, He’s taken me through the changes and joys of meeting, falling in love with, and marrying my best earthly friend and love of my life.  Having a godly man as a husband is nothing short of miraculous and fabulous.

And, today, as I reflect on and celebrate this milestone, I look forward to the next fifteen years and where I will go during this time.  Some ideas: Parenthood, career changes, more financial changes, and who knows what else.  At any rate, God will continue to be with  me and to surprise me with His truth and love.


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