I spent about five hours editing pictures today.  Not bad, I’d say, especially considering how many I edited.  All told, I have 81 pictures for them.

Readers, meet, if you haven’t already, the gang: Jason, Emily, Krystie and, dancing around in Krys’s belly, Jael.

This took some finangaling.  How the heck is that spelled?

This was at the couple’s request.  It turned out well, although I wish I could/would have gotten the body in full silhouette.  And, yes, the sun flare is natural.

Love this shot.  Jason was totally cooperative and even asked if his hands looked enough like a heart.  What a precious man!

What a fabulously loving family!

We made it back to the house for barebelly pictures.  This one has some texture to it.  I like the artsy side of it.  Also, please note: The “E” was sideways a bit until Jael kicked it.  She is a dancer, for sure!  Never having been pregnant myself, I almost peed my pants it was so funny!

I copied this idea from a friend’s maternity session shots.  This is a preciously precious moment.

Daddy loves the belly.

Can I say precious again?  What a fabulous couple!

Jason is a crazy-awesome daddy.

My reflections:

  • Photo editing cures so many of my snapping shortcomings.  Thank goodness for Photoshop Elements!
  • Next time: I should bring a written list, index-card style, of ideas so I don’t forget things, like putting a Bible in some pictures.

Overall, I’m pleased!  This was more work than I thought, but the results are so worth it.  For sure.



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