22, 23, 24/52: Catching up

I’m not gonna lie: Week 22 got me a little down.  I totally live so close to downtown Columbus, but I failed to take a pic.  Then, I went on vacation for half of week 23 and didn’t post the summer pic.  This is week 24.  I will catch up.  I am, in fact, catching up.

Watch me.


Cleveland, Ohio is also known as the "mistake on the lake." At any rate, we drove by Cleveland on our way to New York last week and I snapped this shot. I did, however, edit out a few things. What are they?


For many parts of the world, but certainly not mine, summer means a lot of hard work. I'm sure this was used many times in its day. However, on this day, it became my art piece.


Why do guys love to play with fire? This is the third of three steps the guys took to burn some bushes. These bushes were dried out, too. The fire shot up quickly and I just held the release down so shots were taken continuously. Wow!

Our first [small] family vacation was fabulous; however, it will not top the fabulous trip to Greece we had for our honeymoon.

The imperfect Project 52 student,


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