New Adventures: Stand Mixer + Lotsa Ingredients

Yesterday, my much-anticipated stand mixer arrived.  I grabbed the DSLR to document the opening of the package. I moved the box and discovered the top was not sealed correctly.  Snapped a pic.  Opened the box and snapped several pictures.  Realized the inside box was too heavy, turned it all sideways, took a pic.  Opened the interior box and snapped a pic.  Removed the stand mixer and placed it on the stove.  Snap.  Cleaned off the part of the counter where the mixer would go.  Snap.  Checked the pic.

The memory card wasn’t in.


From here, we pick up the actual pictures from the adventures of the day.

The open boxes:

The first stop, stove:

This is where it’s going:


Home sweet home:

I think she’ll be good friends with the toaster [oven].  They’re already whispering secrets.

She’s so beautiful.  Even The Hunk came in and said, “pretty!” when he saw her.

So, the first thing that came from the mixer was home-made pretzels.  Here are those pics; you can find that recipe here.

Rising dough:

Pan of pretzels; we only had one cookie sheet, so I had to squeeze them all in.  It worked, but hopefully we’ll get more cookie sheets soon.

The best result:

More adventures to come, friends!

Your summer breakin’ friend,


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