Excitement = Canvases [on Demand]

A couple weeks months ago, there was a groupon deal for canvases from Canvas on Demand.  For $45, we could get one free 16×20 canvas with our own photo on it.  The Hunk was in Chicago; I texted him, confirmed he was up for it, and paid for the groupon.  I actually purchased two.  Immediately, we got busy and had to wait two or three weeks before we even had time to get together and order the canvases; we ordered them a couple weeks ago.  We got them just yesterday and I am pumped!  Follow the progression for me, will you?

I watched the FedEx tracking religiously: before leaving for work, during my lunch break, while my students were doing seat work, as soon as I got home from work, before bed… you get the point.

Finally, they arrived!  I came home to find them, and brought them into the house.

I, of course, took pictures.

And had a snack while waiting on The Hunk to get home from being not home.  I requested he not be home all day since I was also expecting a portion of his birthday gift to arrive.

Then, I waited some more.  And talked to my mamma.

When The Hunk arrived, he had work to do.  He took five minutes to open the packages (at my request) before we jetted off to run errands and meet with students.

This was The Hunk’s first attempt at opening the first box.  I shot some action before jumping in to help get in the way.  (Oh, strike-throughs, why am I obsessed with you, today?)

This is the first canvas we opened.  The colors are incredibly rich.  I love photoshop!  AND my wonderful camera!

When we returned from campus meetings and errands, we had to go fill up my car’s gas tank.  What fun that is, these days, eh?

We made it home for the evening and got to hang them up.  Final-freakin’-ly!  Here is how they look.

Finally, I immediately sat in bed and looked at the artwork; and, well, cried.  I didn’t expect them to be so special to me.  What a fabulous and glorious honeymoon we had; we will forever remember the lovely sunset of the Mediterranean Sea in Greece.

How does The Hunk feel about the new additions?

Well, he loves them, of course.

And I love him!

With more of me than I ever thought I would…

…or could.

He’s such a handsome hunk.

And he’s mine.



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