I’m Feeling Left Out

I just got the May/June issue of Relevant Magazine in the mail.  I love Relevant.  It’s hip without being blatantly liberal.  I’m not sure if I’ll renew my subscription whenever it’s time, but, for now, I like it.

However, I’m starting to feel left out of the reading experience.  Apparently, smart phones can scan these square bar code things and find content online.  I don’t have a smart phone.  I’m not likely to get one any time soon, either.  Here’s why:

Without apologies, I am a conservative spender.  I don’t want to spend, like, any money.  When the desire for an item–or, um, the need for an item–is greater than the hope to spend no money, I wilt and spend.  This happens regularly for things I need: electricity, car fuel, loan payments, and food.  For entertainment purposes, The Hunk and I have an internet subscription and Netflix.  I already pay for unlimited internet at home; why the heck should I pay for it on my phone, too?  AND on his phone?  That’s way too pricey.

I guess, for now, I’ll stick to being left out of the loop.

I’ll go read a book, or something…

I’m all alone; there’s no one there beside me…


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