17/52: Love and Travels

Last evening, as news was traveling fast about the awesome defeat of Osama bin Laden, The Hunk and I were traveling back from Chattanooga, Tennessee.  We attended a wedding of his former student.  The weather was beautiful, despite the terrible tornadoes that ripped apart the nearby areas all last week.  What a crazy week we’ve had, right?  “We” as in “human kind.”  The tornadoes killed 300 people in the South, a prince married his princess in London, England, and Osama’s capture and execution took place all in the last few days!

I’m not here to write about the royal wedding or the tornadoes or Osama… yet.  Right now, I’d like to focus on myself–a little selfish, I know.  However, Seth and I went to a beautiful city this weekend and it was a great getaway.  Fantastic, in fact!  When we checked into the hotel, Seth requested a room with one bed instead of two; they upgraded us to a King suite for free!  I LOVE free and I LOVE suites.  Here’s a pic of the room:

The room was beautiful; I immediately fell in love.  The bed, by golly, was the softest, most beautiful bed I’ve ever experienced.  I could swear I drempt of clouds all night.  The suite also included a sitting room, complete with television, couch, chair, and coffee table.  It was neat and fabulous.  The room was one bathroom shy of our honeymoon suite on the night of our wedding.  We only wish we could have spent more time there!

Where was this, you ask?  The Sheraton Read House in downtown Chattanooga.  Gorgeous!  I wish I hadn’t been so dead-dog tired and had taken some more pictures.

I did take a few more; feel free to check them out:

Chattanooga 2011



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