Summer Goal/New Skill

The Husband and I have talked about this a few times.  I’ve decided that my goal for the summer is to learn how to be an expert couponer.  I know that some fabulous ladies from CUMC have been experts at this and participate in effective (not wasteful) couponing regularly.  I’ve started a bit of my own research and am looking forward to some practice in money-saving.  :)

Here are some really good resources I’ve discovered so far:

  • This website requires an account set-up.  Users save coupons to the grocery perks cards using the card number and when the card is scanned at the grocery, the savings are automatically applied.  How cool is that?  There aren’t a ton of coupons, but it is definitely enough to help.  The site even allows users to have the list of coupons saved emailed (or texted) to them so they can see the list of coupons.  Yes, there’s an app for this, too.
  • This blog regularly lists deals she’s discovered.  A very useful follow, it seems.
  • This site is the home of many printable coupons.  It’s probably the most popular one out there.

Be on the lookout for more attempts at couponing this summer.  My summer break starts at 3:30pm on May 20, 2011! :)

Happy saving,


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