All Quiet on the…

I’ve only been  married ten months.  Today, actually, marks ten months.

This week, The Hunk is at the Gospel Coalition 2011 conference in Chicago.  His texts, facebook posts, and phone calls are just oozing with joy and energy and I can tell he’s seriously being energized and loving the atmosphere there right now.  He’s around some ministers who he admires deeply.

But he’s gone until Thursday evening.  Which means I’m solo in the mean time.  And I’m surprised to find how quickly Seth’s regular presence has become normal for me.  Sleeping alone is difficult for me, now.  I’m, like, super-tired today (and the gloomy skies don’t help).  And my house is very quiet.  Deafeningly quiet.  I keep listening for the door to open and footsteps to echo through the entryway.

Very recently, I lived alone.  Just ten months and a day ago, no one came into my house unless they were with me or they were invited.  If I ever heard someone open my door and step in, I would have been worried.  I took as much mattress space as I wanted every night. 

I so don’t miss it.

But I miss him.



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