Question Dodging [disclaimer/s included]

Disclaimer: I love my husband.  He knows it.  And I am not a man-hater.  I have a fabulous dad, a best friend husband, and several friends who are male.

Last night, at Bible study, we were reading from John 14.22-24.  To summarize, a man asks Jesus why He won’t show himself to everyone in the world.  Jesus answers by saying that people who keep His laws love Him and those who don’t, well, don’t.

Now, does this answer the question?  I don’t think so.  Granted, Christ goes on to say more things–like explaining that the Holy Spirit will be sent and that He will die and such.  That should prove Christ is real, of course.

However, why did he dodge the question?

Now, I know that my husband aspires to be like Christ, but c’mon!

Me: What do you want for dinner?
He: Food.
Me: What kind of food.
He: Edible food.

Funny, yes.

Me: When do you want to leave?
He: It starts at 7:00.
Me: When do you want to leave?

We laugh.  Both of us do.  Perhaps I, like the man in the passage, should ask more direct questions and demand a direct answer.


I love my husband; my husband loves me. I love my husband in a cottonwood tree…

His biggest fan,


2 thoughts on “Question Dodging [disclaimer/s included]

  1. But you see, Mr. Handsome is being snarky, Christ, on the other hand, was trying to teach us about His definition of who He was and to get us to stop trying to fit Him into our worldly view.

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