Women Mentoring Women

I’ve always valued good, sound advice from those more experienced than me.  As a high school freshman, I attached myself to my favorite teacher, who permitted me to stick around for, like, ever.  After high school, we kept in touch and after college she supported me through a few rough patches of early adulthood.  Thank God for email!

I’m also a fan of mentoring girls younger than me.  I have younger sisters who unwillingly listen to my advice.  I have developed pretty solid relationships with former students who appreciate advice.  And now I’m working with The Hunk at the campus church, where college girls are in need of women to mentor them.

All of this kind of sounds absurd.  At least if you don’t know me.  And probably still if you do.  I mean, in this day and age, do we really need advice from others?  Aren’t we supposed to be living and learning on our own?  Aren’t we supposed to have all the answers?


Actually, according to the Bible, women are supposed to mentor younger women and younger women are, therefore, to be mentored.

Titus 2.4 tells older women to train younger women.  In context, the verse instructs women concerning behavior.  One thing God tells us to do through Paul is to advise our younger lady-pals.  Once we’re two seconds old, we’re older than someone else.  There’s a 50% chance that one person is a girl.  So, we officially have a job once we’re two seconds old!

What about the other side of the coin?  What happens when we’re the oldest?  What happens when all the mentors are absent?

Your fellow mentor,


3 thoughts on “Women Mentoring Women

  1. I wish you could mentor Mariah; Some of her facebook comments really worry me. I realize that she has had a rough life without her Mother in her life, but she is too pretty to use the kind of language she uses so frequently.

    Love you,

    Aunt Wilma

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