12/52: Birthday Week Celebrations!

This is my birthday week.  Celebrate me!

The Hunk is a wonderful romancer.  I’m not afraid to brag.  When I came home from work (ya’ know, irritated as usual), I opened the curtain to find this:

Hunk had spent the day putting together the grill we got for Christmas and bought other goodies, to boot.

He cooked the most delicious steak I’ve ever had ever; we added green beans, mashed potatoes and French wine to it.  I thoroughly enjoyed the a candle-lit dinner with KLOVE plugged into the under-counter radio.  It was wonderful!

Let’s not forget the weather; we were under a tornado watch; Hunk snapped pictures of the hail.

I snapped a pic of him holding the umbrella over the grill as he was playing grillmaster!

For dessert, we had ice cream cake from Rita’s!  He cut and served this delicious treat.  It was splendid!

These hands are consistently motivated by a loving, servant-minded, selfless heart.  And I love them!

I also love to take pictures of candle wax.  I had plenty of time to do that while The Hunk grilled.

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