“I’d rather do it right than do it right away.”

It wasn’t that long ago.  I was single, never married, and–for the most part–very happy.  I spent time with friends whenever I wanted.  Did laundry whenever I chose–unless, ya’ know, I was running out of the essentials.  Let the dishes pile up until I had to wash at least a spoon so I could eat breakfast.  Made decisions about how I’d serve in the church without having a husband to consider.  And enjoyed the mentorship of countless veterans of womanhood.  It was a great time in these respects.

There were also plenty of times when being a single young woman sucked.  Straight up.  Sitting out slow dances at weddings made me feel lonely.  Watching friend after friend find their best friend and move into the married part of their lives made me worry that I would never ever find my forever best friend.

In the midst of all that, it seemed that countless other people didn’t know how to tactfully evaluate my relationship status.

I mean, can’t you see that there’s not a ring on my finger?

Why oh why did they have to ask if I had ever gotten married?  What was up with the look of disappointment on their faces?  God, please help me never to put someone else in those shoes, no matter how happy I am with my marriage!

But I had resolve.  I had a list of things I was looking for in a husband; I prayed over the list.  (PS: It worked!)  While I never had the most succinct words for my goal of waiting for the right man to come along, I heard them last night, as The Hunk and I were talking to his brother’s girlfriend about this very issue.

She said these words: “I’d rather do it right than do it right away.”

Nail. On. Head.

Those words describe exactly what I felt as a single woman.  I preferred getting the marriage thing right the first time to getting the marriage thing started first–right away.  It’s so true.

And I’m 1,000% positive: get it right, I did!

Women, let’s adopt this view for all of our major life decisions: marriage, sex, children, finances.

Right there in the trenches with you,


5 thoughts on ““I’d rather do it right than do it right away.”

  1. I <3 this. I knew when I prayed to God this week for some guidance and understanding, He would tell me exactly what He needs me to be hearing. Thanks for being that voice, friend :)

    • You are most welcome, friend! For some, right away is right. I obviously know a lot of people for whom that has been the case. But I know at least one person who thought “right away” would be awesome. She was 19 and it didn’t work out very well. At all, actually. This speaks to me, still, though. :)

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