And the winner is…

Okay, so, I broke my promise.  I didn’t post the winner yesterday.  I know I promised.

You see, a wild pack of wolves stormed my house and stole my laptop and… well, that’s a lie.

I got sick.

Not sick enough to go to the doctor, but sick enough to lay in bed all stinkin’ day yesterday.  Except in the evening.  When I spent time with The Hunk.  We watched a couple movies on Netflix and had pasta salad for dinner.

It was splendid.

I love him a lot.

Why am I posting, again?  Oh, yeah…. to announce the winner.

I’ve had a total of three official entries (Sorry, KP, you didn’t submit answers to the questions…).

The only entry I didn’t post is from Grant S.

Grant used CameraRAW to edit this pic.  His favorite part of his edit is the blue shadows.  He captioned this picture as follows: “Visit us on facebook.”

So, now, to announce the winner:

…can I get a drumroll, please?

Grant, I believe you can give me a drumroll!

Thanks for the drumroll, Grant.  YOU ARE THE WINNER!  Check your email (and email me if you don’t get your Amazon gift card by the end of the day today)!

Thanks to all who played.  This was fun! :)



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