Pesto! Pesto! Pesto!

Recently, I discovered pesto.  I love pesto!  I never knew it existed before trying a new restaurant in the area called Piada.  Yum-to-the-O!

So, when The Hunk and I were checking out at the grocery store tonight, he pointed out that the woman in front of us had pesto.  I basically sprinted through the isles in attempt to find it so we could use it for dinner tonight! I found it in the same area as the swanky pasta.  Ya’ know, the expensive noodles that are basically the same as the boxed Kroger brand? :)

And, presto! we had pesto!

Seth grilled the chicken in a panini press.  I [made a batch of sweet tea] and prepared the pasta.  After the noodles were al dente, I added between two or three tablespoons of pesto sauce, a few swigs of olive oil, and the sliced up chicken from Seth’s part of the job.  Seth made some garlic and parmesan toast and we were set.

Yummy eats.

Rejoice always,


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