Project 52: Week 7’s Time

Having recently moved away from all that is familiar to me, I am often homesick for former familiarities.  These people are included in that.  The people in this picture represent a time in my life–a time that continues to this day.

Debbie, on the right, has known me forever.  She went to school with my dad and she affectionately calls me “Beck,” which I permit and even enjoy.  She has been an amazing example of Biblical womanhood to me; she’s a loving and respectful wife and a fantastic parent.  She and her husband are soon-to-be empty-nesters.  (Soon, their son will marry his beloved.)  I’m blessed to know her.

On the far left of the picture, you’ll find Krystie.  She is amazing and just a year or two my senior.  Her passion for Christ is inspiring and every time I’m around her I just want to join another ministry or start another ministry or do something that spreads that passion for Christ.  She doesn’t apologize for her strong faith and she doesn’t make others feel judged when they do or live something with which she disagrees. She is a fellow young adult who serves Christ.

In the middle is Emily.  Emily is Krystie’s step-daughter.  I don’t know Emily very well, but after a few smiles today, she gave me a hug.  We’re new friends.  She’s 5.  I haven’t had a five-year-old friend in a while.  She is blessed to have wonderful parents that she has.  She is a young one with a whole entire future ahead of her.

Also included in the picture is Jael.  Jael won’t be able to come out and play with us until about July.  Jael is going Emily’s little sister and Krystie’s first child.  I can’t wait to see Jael and hold her and tell her how wonderful her parents and grandparents are.  She will be an amazing woman of God.  Fact.  And she has more than a whole future ahead of her, for she is just forming.

Time.  It keeps ticking away and we all reach different stages at different times.  No matter what, though, it’s so great to have friends who are right alongside.  No matter how far one has to drive to visit.



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