Watermark Challenge

Even though I don’t always remember to put my watermarks on my pictures, I’d like to.  So, I’ve been playing with watermarks.

I like the idea of using watermarks to spread my name, as I’ve done in this example:

But if I want people to check out my work online, I need to add my website URL instead, like this:

That’s just way too much writing.

The solution? Pay for the rejoicingrebecca.com site.  Yeah, right.  One day.  One day.  But I’ve gotta get a following here.

Anyway, looking at the non-URL one, what do you think?  Remember: The purpose of the watermark is not to prevent copying; it is to advertise.

Here’s my original in white.  A white version comes in handy for darker images.

I, personally, like the semi-transparent stripe across the picture.  Classy.  AND let’s not forget how big a fan I am of straight lines.

In my browsing, I’ve looked at a few watermarks.  Here are a few I’ve noticed/liked:


What if I came up with a small, unique image to pair with my "rejoicing Rebecca"?


This is simple, which allows for both her company name and her website. My website may still be too long.


Not only is this an awesome picture, the watermark is well-done, too.

Please share some of your watermarks–or those which you have admired.  I’d love to see more!


(yeah, the logo is next to be edited… stay tuned!)


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