Netflix: My Hero

So, The Hunk and I subscribe to Netflix.  We chose Netflix instead of cable–mainly because we don’t want to pay for cable.  Too much.  We have made other decisions to save money, too.  Living within our means, that’s the idea.


I never get distracted, by the way.

Netflix.  Netflix is my hero.  No commercials.  I can watch an entire show or movie without commercials. I don’t feel compelled to purchase movies and waste space in my dwelling with DVDs and such.



AND: We only pay about $10 each month compared to at least $60, as would be the case if we had a cable subscription.

That means we have about $50 extra a month.  What do we do with it?

We spend it.


3 thoughts on “Netflix: My Hero

  1. We have Netflix as well! It is wonderful. The only thing that we have a problem with is that a person can not watch a current episode of any TV show. So our solution was simple. We already have a TV that is internet accessible and has internet apps already stored in its system. We now have Netflix and Hulu. Hulu is $7.99 plus tax. So all together we pay less than $20.00 a month and we have TV and Internet service. AWESOME! By the way I have been watching all episodes from Quantum Leap!

    • Yeah, I’ve thought about adding Hulu, but we can plug our computer up to the tv and watch it on tv, so Hulu Plus doesn’t seem like a big deal to us, especially since we almost never get to watch a show right when it comes out.
      I’ve never watched Quantum Leap. What’s it about?

      • Quantum Leap is so cool! LOL! It is about a scientist named, Sam Beckett, that has figured out a way to leap in his own lifetime. He thought he would be leaping to different parts of his own life but he realizes very soon that he is leaping into other people’s lives. He is there to correct something that went wrong in that person’s life. He believes that God has placed him there to make their lives better. You would love it. He has a observer that is with him but no one else can see. The observer’s name is Al. Sam is played by Scott Bakula and Al is played by Dean Stockwell. Watch the pilot episode of it and you will be hooked. We have had Hulu for about two weeks now and I am on the fourth season already. I am so hooked to that show. Dave thought I was goofy until he caught an episode with me and now he is hooked. He even cries on the sappy parts like me. HeeHee! Try to watch it and let me know if you like it!

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