Project 52: Ennui (Week 5; just under the deadline!)

This ennui theme has been annoying all week.  The only thing I could think to photograph were my students.  However, I’m not allowed to post pics of my students online for privacy reasons.  So, here are two pics I will settle for (SOOC):

When I’m bored or listless, I prefer to go to sleep.  We watched a movie that was kinda boring tonight: The Fantastic Mr. Fox.  Very British humor, which is why it didn’t do well in US box offices.  … Obviously, I didn’t take this picture.  My lovely husband did.  Have no fear, friends (i.e.: Jess), I took a few pictures when I was on snowdays this week.  Many will qualify; here’s one:

The ice was pretty bad, but we lived and we didn’t lose power like so many around us did.  While I can totally handle being stuck inside for decent amounts of time, The Husband isn’t built like that.  We went out in it.  Seth spent 30 minutes scraping ice from my car windows; even my scraper cracked in two pieces.  He spent more time scraping off the car than we spent in the car that day.  I guess that’s not ennui, exactly, but it is for me.

Next week: Red.  I can do that; after all, I live in Columbus, Ohio.


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