Photoshop Sources: Fonts, pics, and such

I’ve made Seth’s sermon art for his title screens for the past few weeks and have learned a lot in the process.

First of all, I’ve found a couple good sources for hi-res pics.  High resolution pictures are necessary when images will be used in a projected format which requires the image to be stretched out in front of an audience.  I have two really good sources, so far:

  • StockVault: This site has totally free images users can download; they are only hi-res images, as far as I can tell.  There are some images users can purchase or buy with “credits,” but I’m all about the free stuff.  The interface is easy and helpful, as previews are large and, when a user rolls over them, they appear larger for better view.
  • morgueFiles: This site has free hi-res images, as well.  Many pics look professional, but some seem a little less professionally polished.  The pics are hi-res, though, so that’s helpful for this type of photo editing that I’m doing.  The only thing I find annoying about this site is that the thumbnails are small and, when a user rolls over a thumb, it does not actually appear larger.  This means users have to actually load new pages in order to see a larger image.

Secondly, I’ve learned how to accent fonts.  I found a tutorial which taught me how to make font glow, which was pretty helpful in making this image:

This was much more interesting than plain yellow non-glowing font.

Also, for the same image, I learned how to do clipping layers, which make the two images appear as a sort of collage.  I found a tutorial for using clipping layers to create this image.

I’ve also been downloading fonts like crazy, finding most of them at dafont.

I’m feeling pretty good about my photoshopping skills.  For now, I’ve officially purchased Photoshop Elements 9 from the educators’ store. If I can continue to grow, maybe I’ll be able to get a business started and it will grow and then my purchasing power will grow as well.  Anyone want to hire me for a photo session? :)

SHAMELESS PLUG: If you live in the Columbus, Ohio, area and are looking for a place to worship on Sunday, feel free to stop by the Oasis Christian Community Sunday morning service at the Ohio Union at 11:11am.  <><



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