Snow Day Edits

Today, at about 5:10 am, I got a phone call.  No school!  So, I whispered the good news to The Husband, rolled over to spoon him, and went back to sleep.  Wonderfulness!

Mostly, I’ve been blog reading and I must say that I probably read more on blogs than I’ve ever read in my entire life.  Including college.  And I earned a literature degree.  (So, please don’t tell them that I read more blogs than I did Chaucer, Shakespeare, and Milton.)

Anyway, after scouring some blogs and downloading some more free actions, I am back at editing pictures.  …still waiting on runners-up to send in pictures for me to edit!

Here are some before/after shots.

I used the workflow action set I found at Texas Chicks’ place.  Then, I flattened the image and ran the Lab Color Boost action I found there, too.  (Just subscribe to her blog and you can get these free actions, too.)  This really made my picture come alive.  Ah, to go back with my new camera…

This picture is another from our France ’08 trip.  And one of my faves.  We visited Annecy, France as part of a mini-tour of France.  To make these changes, I used a variety of actions.  And I stuck only with actions.  I started with Texas Chicks’ workflow action; I may start making this the norm whenever I edit any pics.  Then, I used Pioneer Woman‘s Boost action.  Finally, I used her Lovely and Ethereal action to give it the nice glow.  Lovely.  And ethereal.

And finally…

To conclude snow day picture fun, I edited this picture of the cross in Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France.

I played with this picture for a long time.  My biggest problem was the noise in the picture.  Notre Dame does not have a lot of light inside.  The lighting primarily accents artwork and is very soft.  With my relatively simple point-and-shoot camera, I caught this original image.

I toyed with the picture for so long that I’ve forgotten all the actions I used and the settings I changed.  But I’ll try…  First, as is my new custom, I used the workflow action to increase saturation and reduce noise.  Every time I I tried to get rid of darkness, more noise appeared.  So, I abandoned a hope for a well-lit result.  I focused on the saturation a bit more and used a color boost action to bring out the golden color of the cross.  The heal tool helped me to get rid of the strange light line that I found near the foot of the cross; perhaps that was a glare from somewhere else.

The results look a little somber–less happy than I view the hope of the Cross.  My goal, though, is to continually improve my photo editing skills.  Maybe one day I can make this fix even better!

Keep following! :)

All my love,


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