Runner-Up Batch 1: Results!

The big winner in the recent giveaway is getting together what will be a super-sweet project for me to work on.

In the mean time, I will be working with the photos sent in by you runners-up!  One has already been sent in.  My dear friend Ashley sent me these two pictures.  She’s on top of it (as are all Phi Mu girls)!

Pic number one: We’ll call this the wedding picture.

I love this picture because it represents so much.  Ashley and I found our men at the same time and got engaged around the same time.  She got married much more quickly than I did.

Don’t worry; I was jealous.

Anyway, while the wedding pic is precious, the straight out of the camera (sooc) shot worried me; the big day was a little gloomy, as you can tell.  Well, I used bloom action from Pioneer Woman about three times and then made some other tweaks.  Then, I put them on an alternative background.  Here are the results:

I also made a simple collage for the wedding pics.

The second pic: We’ll call this Christmas!

First of all, I had to do a little research to be sure this picture was from their first Christmas.  They took almost the same pic just this Christmas; the only difference is that they were wearing different clothes.

First of all, the pic is lovely (gotta love the first Christmas!).  However, there’s a huge glare in the glass.  I had to do some finagling to fix it and I am not completely happy with the results, but you can almost not tell it was there.  I used the heal tool and copied and pasted a few things to improve the glare problem.

However, the most challenging part of this was extracting Ashley and her hubby from the picture; the background was very busy and, gosh, Ashley’s hair just blends right in with the dark windows!



After many tries, I finally got them selected properly and then put them on the green Christmas wrapping paper background.  And here are all of the results.


And there we have it: the first runner-up’s edits!

I’m looking forward to more editing!

Thanks, Ashley, for participating! :)


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