Terms and Great Finds!

So, vocabulary is not my strong suit.  Blame it on whatever the experts say.  Or blame it on my being raised in a cave.  Whatev.  I’m working on it.  Today’s photography word of the day (hey, it may or may not be a regular trend to my blogs) is bokeh.

According to dictionary.com, bokeh is a Japanese term for the aesthetic value of the out-of-focus area of a piece of art.

We could have entire conversations of the value of the out-of-focus area of this picture of my favorite Bible (a gift from Jessica!):

Okay, maybe we couldn’t have more than one conversation.  I’m no pro.  However, we could at least have one convo about the terrible blurryness of the picture.  The good, the bad, and the, um, ugly.

Okay, moving on.

BTW, don’t you  just love the classic leather Bible with detail?

Moving on.  Freal.

Today, I was reading my pioneer idol.  She pointed me over to photojojo.  I’m. In. Love.  And I had to look up rokeh.

Ahm just a-gonna talk about the store, today.

I mean, really?  Have you ever seen such a cute photo store?  Here are my faves:

Camera Strap Buddy

This camera strap buddy uses a camera’s tripod connection and the regular strap connection to make your camera hang like a sling.  What a relief, right?  Whew!

Don't freak out!

No, the coffee is not being poured onto a lens.  This is a MUG!  I love it!  The one on the left is a Canon mug and the one on the right is the Nikon version.  Wowzuh-wowzuh!

Wide Angle Macro Lens

This wide angle converter lens attaches to the front of an existing lens, converting a regular lens to a wide angle or macro lens.  (PS: Why do I always want to spell lens with an “e” at the end?  Ug.  Every time!)  I pine for more lens versatility.

Pine.  Not like the tree.

Yet, I have no dinero.  Cuz it doesn’t grow on trees.

Especially pine trees.

You don’t have to laugh.  That’s okay.  I’m laughing enough for the two of us.


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