Travel Plans: The UK

The man and I are planning to tour the UK during the summer of 2013.  When we initially discussed our next trip after our beautiful honeymoon trip to Greece, we thought it’d be wonderful to go to the UK during 2012.

Well, what about those dang Olympics?  That’d make a summer 2012 trip super expensive!

So, UK, I hope to see you in 2012.  :)

Since I’ve got time to plan, I’ll be doing research over the next couple of years.

First of all, I’m hoping to snag a great deal on flights.  Tours.  Hotels.

Tonight’s research is to be centered around that.

First of all, any time I research, I will need a good currency converter for any research done on sites that are UK-native.

For instance, Evan Evans Tours listed a tour to Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, and Oxford for £69.00.  What does that mean to me? $107.34.  For each person.  Wow.  Maybe it’s time to look into local transit.

Anyone have a clue where to find the rail map for UK?  I found one for Ireland, but I was hoping to find a map online of all of the UK.  What about where to find good rates on train routes?


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