Gym v Church (II)

On our couple’s blog, I posted a comparison between a church and a gym.  This is a part 2.

Recently, a friend of mine went to the gym (the same one where I am a member) and her purse was stolen.

Unfortunately, bad things happen in churches, too.  The reason is simple, really: Christians are messy.  It’s true.  We are a messy bunch.

Mike Yaconelli wrote a book called Messy SpiritualityIt was one of the first books I read about spirituality.  One of the first non-fiction books of my life; and I was hooked.  But this book is all about those crazy disciples who were a mess as they followed the very in-the-flesh savior.  To parallel the disciples’ stories, he tells tales about modern-day messy Christians.  He even tells of his own messiness.

Christians have been messy from the start; and that’s the beauty of it.  Christians mess up.  We suck at life, sometimes.  We fail miserably.  But we are forgiven; we have Christ to show us the way and, if we’ll let Him, He will show us the way.

When we join a Christian community, we should not expect things to be all peachy-keen.  But we should expect to find support, guidance, and forgiveness.  Unlike a gym where forgiveness does not abound, a church family should always grow in love and grace.

And the purse may never be seen again.


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