Under three weeks!

In three weeks, I will wake up as a married woman!  Wahoo!

I’ve gotten a lot done.  Yet, there are many more hours to spend planning and projecting.

Programs are officially DONE!

Menus are printed and the massive folding project will begin after I trim the excess paper from them.

I’ll pick up my hemmed and bustled dress tomorrow.

Parent gifts are purchased.

Things to do (both small and large):

  • Wrap groomsmen’s gifts
  • Wrap parent gifts
  • Organize bridesmaids gifts
  • Call the florist and meet to change the order just a bit
  • Call the baker to finalize decorations and drop off ribbon and invitation page
  • Finalize helpers to decorate the reception tables (confetti, menus, pictures)
  • Finalize RSVPs and make table charts
  • Pack
  • Purchase wedding night lingerie
  • Finalize church decorations
  • Put together the the cord of three strands
  • I’m sure I’m forgetting something right now.  :)

So stinkin’ excited!


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