Awake with ideas

I woke up with wedding on the brain.  What did I ever think about before I was planning a wedding?  Sheesh.

Anyway, here are some thoughts I have:

  • Knots.  I want to buy fabric to put around the seats in the church.  I don’t have a picture of what I imagine, but I would like to tie a silky type fabric around the first chair in every row and put a knot on the side facing the aisle.  This will continue the “knot” theme and I can use colors to signify reserved seating.  I can do white, fuchsia and emerald a few different ways: emerald for the groom’s family, fuchsia for the bride’s family, and white for the other rows.  Or I could reverse it so that the family of the bride/groom has white fabric on their row and friends of the bride have fuchsia fabric and the groom’s friends have emerald fabric.  I could have my mother sew the strips of fabric I’ll use.  Love the idea!
  • We’re using cootie catchers for our menus.  This will, no doubt, be a project that will take the most time of all projects I undertake, but I am in love with the idea.  I could pay someone from etsy to make them for me, but I found a template on a teacher website, so I’ve designed it myself.  (Saved a good $40 to $60 on that.)  As soon as Seth and I have finalized the design and content, I’ll be printing them off and will be a folding beast for the next 6 weeks!
  • Since the menus will be so complicated, I’m sticking with simple programs.  I’m going to cut 8.5 X 11 paper into 4.  I’ll have green or fuchsia fronts with white pages for the rest.  The cover sheet will have the basic information and we’ll have a few more pages of info: wedding party, order of service, thank you, etc.  I’ll use the butterfly cutout for the top left corner and tie a ribbon from the butterfly to the opposite side of the paper on top (of course, with a knot).  Since I’ll make a little over 200 programs, I’ll need about 26 pieces of emerald paper and 26 pieces of fuchsia paper for the covers and then about 52 or more pieces of white paper for the rest of the program.  Hobby Lobby has cardstock for 50% off this week, so the purchase has to go down this week! :)

Less than seven weeks left.  A lot has to happen.  Yikes!


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