Catch-up planning

Wow, it’s been a while since I updated.  Here’s a quick overview of my wedding accomplishments in the last couple of months:

  • Last Saturday, I helpd a party at my house,  inviting people to come over and help me put together my invitations.  This involved applying address labels and return address labels, stuffing RSVP envelopes, tieing ribbons into knots around the invitations, stuffing the envelopes (including the RSVP cards, invites, and a card with our website and email address on it), and sealing the envelopes.  I kept it pretty simple and was excited to have it done in one party–five hours long.  I had from three to seven people there at any one time.  It was goodThe bad news: mailing invitations with ribbons on them means the sender pays a 20 cent surcharge per envelope.  I wish I’d known this; I love my invitations, but I’m ticked that I didn’t know that.  I would have saved $20 if I’d known that.  I have yet to put the stamps on the envelopes and hope to do that tonight.  The post office workers told me that a square envelope often costs more than a dollar each.  Yikes!
  • Seth and I reserved the tuxes at a place in Columbus, OH: OP Gallo.  Simple black tuxes with green vests and ties.  Seth, of course, will wear a white tie/vest.  He’s secretly excited about being dressed up. But obviously more excited to see me in white. :)
  • I ordered some thank you postcards and return address labels from VistaPrint.  It’s a good place to find free/cheap print items.  I think they’ve officially flagged me as a wedding person, though, so my discounts may be ending soon.
  • We’ve officially reserved our honeymoon lodging (aside from what his parents are giving us).  Our honeymoon will be a little over two weeks long.  We’ll spend our wedding night at the hotel, then three nights at a cabin.  Then we’ll take off to Greece, where we’ll stay at a hotel in Athens for a couple of days before spending a week in Patras, Greece.  We plan to visit a couple places on the Peloponnese, like ancient Corinth or Olympia.  We’ll return to Athens for a day before flying back to the states.  As you can imagine, we’re sorta looking forward to it.
  • We had our tasting for the reception.  The food is YUMMY and we’re excited that guests will have three options for their main course.  We still have to choose what style of napkin fold we want.
  • Mom and I met with a baker.  She bakes from her home and calls  her business SweethingsCakes.  She’s inexpensive compared to anyplace else I looked; this is probably because she works from home.  She does a lot of baking, too.
  • Bridesmaids dresses arrived!  My girls are in the process of getting adjustments made if necessary. 
  • I reserved my wedding ceremony musicians.  My friend Missy will be playing piano; Denny will play violin; Jeremy will sing and play guitar.  We have our songs picked out–except for one. 
  • Seth and I took the wedding band to my jewelry connection; she’s going to shine it up and dip it to make it white gold.  We ordered Seth’s wedding band (yay!) and looked at possible gifts for people involved in our wedding.

I have a bunch of things still left on the list.  Some of them will take longer to do than others.

  • Get together a music playlits for my friend, Todd, who will be DJing the wedding.
  • Finalize flower order
  • Finalize cake order
  • Make cardbox
  • Purchase gifts for people
  • Actually stamp and send invitations
  • Buy honeymoon clothes
  • Have a bustle installed on my dress
  • Recieve and organize RSVPs
  • Attend a shower or three!
  • Design and make/order programs
  • Buy shoes for the big day

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