Snowdays: Condusive for getting back in the groove

Little less freaked, now.  Got back on the horse, today.

  • Emailed Seth so as to get my bearings going again concerning the rehearsal dinner.  Also, looked at possible locations online; ruled out some ideas due to the number of kids who could potentially be in attendance.  Also found that the Reds have a game on 6/11/2010, so we won’t be able to do the sweet local flavors dinner I’d hoped for.
  • Looked at cake ideas online and posted on for suggestions.  Mom also called about a contact she made; we have an appointment at this place next Thursday at 4:30.  Check out Sweet Things for pics of their former cakes.  I also found A Spoon Fulla Sugar.  It looked like a nice place, but a little bit pricier than I’m hoping for. I’ve emailed them to see if the prices go down if I don’t want filling in my cake.
  • I’m looking for paper to use to make invites to the rehearsal dinner.  I’ll make simple cards to add to the invites that will invite wedding party members and helpers to the dinner.  They’ll have RSVP instructions on them.

A good way to get back in the swing of things…


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