Holidays: Made me slack

Over the holiday season, I got almost nothing done by way of planning the wedding.  I logged on to my site, today, only to find a buttload of past-due items on my checklist.  Yikes!

Things I need to take care of this month:

  • Cake
  • Rehearsal dinner
  • Ceremony music
  • Honeymoon flight bookings

In that bullet list, it doesn’t sound as bad, but those points have subpoints, as well.  Eek!

Today, I’ve started creating a day-of timeline in Excel.  It’s a working document, but Seth and I will share it on our dropbox account, so we can both see it and collaborate.

Also, since Seth and I are such big planners, we’ve started playing around with GoogleWave.  It’s an interesting collaboration device; I hope it continues to build and becomes something more companies use to collaborate.  I like it, so far.


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