Christmas Break: So much to do

Visual of Tie and Vest comboSo, I’ve been on Christmas break for over a week.  It’s been marvelous.  Fiance and I have spent a lot of time together.

One wedding-related thing that we did was check out the possibility of buying the supplies for his mother to sew the vests and ties.  It’s a lot more expensive for the supplies than I anticipated.  $80, and that’s without the interfacing we’d need to buy. Yikes!

When I picked up my wedding dress (which fits almost perfectly), I looked at the books they had with vests and ties; baby sister wrote down the types I liked and I got online to find locations that sell those types.

Next month, when I’m in Columbus, we’re going to go to a local place I found online to see if they have the vests/ties and are willing to rent them without us renting the tuxes, too.  If so, that’s the route we’ll go–especially if it’s the less expensive route.


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