Flowers priced

On Tuesday, I went to visit a local florist to price flowers.  I’ve been told this is the least expensive place to go and that they do a fabulouso job.  I’m pumped!  They should be calling soon to give me the expected price.

We’ll be using the following variety of flowers:

Hot Pink Hyacinth:


White Oriental Lilies:

Stargazer Lillies:

The Stargazer Lily is the main flower.

My bouquet will have the Stargazers and White lilies as the main centerpiece.  The Hydrangeas will be the filler flower so there’s not so much green and the [hot] pink Hyacinth will be sprinkled amongst the flowers as well.  I will also have three rose carnations hidden amongst the Hydrangea.  My stems will be completely covered (keeps them from wilting) with white ribbon and a small pink breast cancer ribbon in memory of my grandmother.

My sisters bouquets will have all Stargazers, Hydrangeas, and Hyacinth.  Their stems will be covered with green ribbon and will also have a pink breast cancer ribbon in memory of our grandmother.

My sorority sisters will have the same flowers and three rose carnations hidden within the Hydrangeas to mark their Phi Mu bond with me.  Their stems will be covered with green ribbon.

My junior bridesmaid will have Stargazers, Hydrangeas, and Hyacinth and will carry a smaller bouquet than the rest of the troupe.  She will also have green ribbon covering the stems.

When they call to price things and the order becomes official, I may have to be sure that they know that I’d like my bouquet to be the biggest, my matron of honor’s bouquet to be smaller than mine and the bridesmaids’ smaller than hers and the junior bridesmaid’s even smaller.

As it stands, the flower girl will throw white rose petals.  I’ve priced for that, but I may end up having her throw something else… undecided.

The groom will wear white Hyacinth and the groomsmen will wear the pink Hyacinth boutonnieres.  They should be glad about this because some brides would have the guys wear a big honkin’ flower, which is the Stargazer, in this case.  Not I.

The dads, grandpas and step-grandmother will wear pink Hyacinth boutonnieres.

The mothers will wear pink Hyacinth boutonnieres with a white rose.

The ushers and other helpers will wear pink Hyacinth boutonnieres.


Becky, the lady who worked with us on the consultation, suggested we get a sample bouquet for a bridal shower and use it as a centerpiece so we can see what it looks like and decide if we like it.  I’m hopeful that I will remember to do that!


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