Inspiration! … and more inspiration

I’ve been trying to figure out how/when we can have bubbles or birdseed or whatever thrown at our wedding.  I don’t think we’ll want to do a receiving line afterwords because we’ll need to pictures taken fast before we head off to the reception.  Anyway, as I was scouring professional photographers’ websites for photo ideas, I saw this picture, where the bride and groom have bubbles blown around them as they walk down the aisle.  Perhaps we could attach bubbles to the programs and people could blow them at us as we take our first mini-stroll as husband and wife!  The only problem I see is that some people may be so distracted with their cameras that they’ll forget.  Hm.  But it’s an idea and it is a little different from what most people do.

The second piece of inspiration I had concerns photography, of course.  (Am I ever thinking of anything else?)  I just thought about the fact that there’s a golf course (Boone Links Golf Course) right behind the church.  Instead of using the park that Seth and I looked at last weekend, we could possibly go to the golf course.  I’ll just have to be sure I can get permission to do so.  We wouldn’t be able to be there long, though, so I’d have to scope out the scenery.  I know, from a bike ride that I took with my friends’ kids, that there’s a lake and a bridge in that area.  There have to be some cute treasure-like places there.  I’m so totally scoping it out tomorrow when I go to church.  Wahoo!  In the mean time, check out the pictures from the location.


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