Photography and timeline thoughts

When Seth was in town this past weekend, I took him to see the reception location (he hadn’t seen it yet).  He was thrilled and loved the location! :)

We also checked out a park that I kind of scoped out for photos between the wedding and the reception.  Since the reception is so early and the wedding is even earlier, I have been looking and hoping for a place that is not [far] out of the way when we drive from the church to the reception.  I don’t want to waste a lot of time, of course.

Anyway, we scoped out Stringtown Park, which is a small recreational park down the road from the church and barely off of an alternative church-reception route.  It’s in the middle of residential areas and not where one might find an abundance of rolling hills and interesting trees or flowers, but it’s simple and we only need to be there about 20 minutes, anyway.  There are brightly colored benches, some trees, a gently rolling hill with awesome perspective from above, and a colorful and fun park.  Seth and I took in some of the sights at the simple park and are pretty hopeful.  (Of course, the weather will have to cooperate!)

So, my thinking is this: we’ll immediately take a couple family pictures at the church then the wedding party will head out to the park to take a few fun shots before heading directly to the reception, where much fun and more photography will happen!

[Did you know that I am super-pumped to be marrying Seth!?  I am!]


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