The Bridesmaid Dress search has officially commenced!

So, today, I officially decided to look seriously at some bridesmaid dresses.  In keeping with my vision and hope for my bridal party, I’d like to choose dresses that they may be able to wear to another wedding–maybe they’d throw a cardigan over it or something.  This is difficult to do, but I’m making an honest attempt and have asked at least some of my bridal party members what they think.  Here are a few pictures of dresses I found. You can click on the pictures to go to the site where I found them; the picture is bigger there.

Description from website:

Lamore Satin.  Strapless short length dress with asymmetrical gathers on the bodice. Dress has hidden pockets.

I like the lines on this dress.  I also like that they are strapless and short.  I fear, though, that the sash is something that would make my girls not want to wear it again.  I’m not sure if the sash is removable or not.  If it is, we could change it to an accent color.  But that’d be a good question to ask my bridal boutique lady. :)  These dresses have pockets, too.

Description from website:

Lamore Satin.  Strapless knee length dress with gathers on the side of the bust and a 2½” hem treatment. Dress has pockets.

I like the simplicity of this dress and the fact that I can choose any two colors from the color palate for it.  The dress does not gather at all, though, which makes it difficult to hide the areas of our bodies that we’re all self-conscious of. These dresses have pockets.  (Very nice, since my matron of honor will no doubt need tissues for the both of us!)

Description from website:

Lamore Satin. Strapless short length dress with sweetheart neckline and pleats across the bodice. Inverted box pleats on the skirt. Dress has pockets.

These are my favorite so far.  I love the lines at the top and the neckline.  The fabric is Lamore Satin.  I am not sure what that is.  Is it more forgiving than just plain satin?  At any rate, there is a lot of gathering around the skirt of the dress, so that should make it easier to fit various shapes.  Also, the pockets are nice and easy to hide, I’d say.


2 thoughts on “The Bridesmaid Dress search has officially commenced!

    • Well, the colors wouldn’t be orange. Those are just examples of what the dresses look like in another color. Your dress would probably be pink. Maybe green. <3

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