Too early [in the morning]

I woke up this morning with an insatiable desire to plan the day of my wedding.  It was 7:30 AM and my wedding is still a little more than nine months away.  Too early … and too early.  It’s Jessica’s fault.  She is getting married, today.  I know a lot of the ins and outs of her wedding and am, therefore, feeling the need to plan my own in my head.

Here are my thoughts (maybe if I get them out, I can move on with my day–including obligations I have for her wedding):

  • Getting ready: We must get ready as efficiently as possible, as the reception is at 2pm and that puts the ceremony starting even earlier.
  • Make-up: I’ve already talked to Clinique.  They have natural colors and don’t go clown-crazy with make-up, so I’m going to try to schedule our make-up to be done on that day with them all at the same time (or, possibly, in two groups).
  • Hair: Since Clinique is also in the mall, we’d save a lot of time by having our hair done in the mall.  There are several options, so I need to call and get prices to find the best and also reserve spots for all of us.
  • Location: One of my bridesmaids works for the Marriott Griffith hotel in Lexington, KY.  She said that she can get an awesome deal on a hotel room where my reception is.  If she does that, we’ll have somewhere to stay the night before the ceremony and a place to get ready in the morning–depending on the shower situation.
  • Timeframe: I’d love to do some things before the ceremony begins.  This means being ready by about 10am!  Yikes!  Then, we’d have a few pics in the church and play the waiting game while I go crazy wild nervous waiting for the ceremony to begin at around noon (maybe 12:30).  Then we’d have a short ceremony, exit the building, and possibly go to another park for pictures with the family and the bride/groom (that’s us!) together.  The reception begins at 2 and is over at 6.  Then we retreat to our honeymoon jacuzzi suite for the evening (DO NOT DISTURB)!

That totally helped.  Now to get all today’s to-dos on a notecard, set up the time frames, and get going!  Yay for love!  Yay for family!  Yay for friends!  Yay for a good day ahead! :)


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