Flights and such v. 3

Okay, more brainstorming and an update from the conversation I had with the fiance, last evening:

  • I get a phat tax return every year–like freal: phat!  I can totally use that to pay for the ticket.  That means buying the ticket in February or March, but still, I won’t have to charge it if I don’t want to.
  • I could get a skymiles card, apply my bonus miles toward my flight, and put the charge for the rest of the miles on that card.  If I’m not mistaken, 20,000 skymiles would cover about 1/3 of my flight.  That’d be a huge savings and totally worth it–even with the monthly finance charges.
  • I could combine the above options: get a skymiles card, use the bonus miles and charge the card for the leftover amount, then pay it all off with my tax return in the winter/spring.

Okay.  Talking to the hot fiance about that again, tonight.  We’ll save money if we get the tickets earlier rather than later.


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