Flights and such

Very soon, Seth and I should purchase our honeymoon flight tickets.  This will be the biggest expense on our parts.  I’m intimidated by it, really, and am trying to figure out how we can save money on the tickets.  (If anyone has any ideas, let me know!)

He has sky miles that he can use to get over and back.  He says he’d have enough to get there and back flying coach.  However, I am not so lucky.  I have no sky miles.  If we use this method, we’d just have to pay for my ticket, totaling about $1500.

Maybe we can combine the skymiles option and my friends/family option through my mother.  This way, Seth would use his sky miles and I would get a discount flight–20% off.  This would run us about $1300.  …I just checked; the new rules do not allow dependents to take advantage of the discount.  Boo.  That’s out.

The cheapest option, of course, would be flying standby.  Since my mother works for Delta, we can go standby for pretty cheap–in comparison to the $1500/person cost it would run otherwise.  This option makes my man very nervous.  While he did amazingly when we flew to France using standby tickets, he doesn’t want to do this for the honeymoon. I understand wanting reserved, positive seat tickets.  But I wonder if this is smarter.  Using this method would run about $600/person–totaling less than $900– about $850.


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