It poured the rain

Yesterday, Seth and I had our official engagement pictures.

And it poured the rain.

We arrived at the Park of Roses, where we were to meet our photographer and her helper.  The rain was coming down like crazy.  So, we decided to hit up the library first.  We were there for quite a while.  One of the workers interrupted us to tell us that we had to get permission to photograph there.  Bethany took care of it.  Then, toward the end, when we were talking contracts, this guy who doesn’t work there, asked us to take our conversation elsewhere.  Again, Bethany handled it well, but I felt attacked.  We were not in a designated quiet area.  We made sure of that.  AND we weren’t making a lot of noise.  Dumb.  I’m impressed that Bethany handled things professionally, becuase I sure wouldn’t have.  Anyway, the rain stopped, so we went outside of the library for a few pictures, then decided to drive back to the Park of Roses.  We got there and it was raining AGAIN.  But it wasn’t pouring.  We snuck some pictures in between showers, found a REALLY cool tree.  Then, the rain pretty much stopped.  We had a blast with Bethany.  We played leap frog, Seth spun me around, we skipped and leaped and kissed and hugged and walked and had a lot of fun. :)

Then, we took a quick dinner break, changed clothes and went to the park.  Bethany had already taken a TON TON TON of pictures and after we were there about fifteen minutes, her battery died.  It was sad and as much as I wish she could have taken more pictures, I cannot complain about anything because she took so flippin’ many pictures!

We’ll get our disk full of pictures in about two weeks!  Can’t wait! :)


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