Cash for the gown… guestquilt fabric bought

Yesterday, I went with my mother to try on (again) and purchase my wedding dress.  LOVE IT!  I paid cash for it and I felt really silly counting out the money in front of my mother and the cashier.  It was a lot of dough!  :)  They said that it should be in very quickly if Bonny has it in stock or 14 weeks if they don’t.  Plenty plenty plenty of time.  Wahoo!

Then, I met Joy for the guestquilt stuff.  We looked at designs, color options, and discussed the logistics of it all.  In the process I learned a bit about quilting; I learned some terminology and things.  We looked at a few different patterns.  We talked about a heart pattern, a funky pattern, the bear claw pattern, and a bunch of rectangle patterns of which I don’t know the name.  I liked the idea of doing a heart, since it’s a wedding quilt, and thought we’d do our wedding colors–pink and green.  I also flirted with the idea of doing black and dark red, the colors that our room may be and colors that are more timeless, I think.  In our discussions, Joy realized that there were some sales going on nearby and we decided to go to a certain place that she likes to go the next morning (this morning).

I met her at about 10:00 this morning and we drove to the store she was thinking of.  There were bolts of fabric EVERYWHERE.  The sale room didn’t have too much, but we looked through it for a bit.  When we came to the main room, we found tons of stuff and I settled on black and dark red–the more timeless colors.  After searching for a while, we found a few blacks we liked and a couple reds.  I narrowed it down to a solid black and a black on black print as well as two red prints.  Pair that up with the white fabric upon which people will sign and we had the front fabric picked out.  Once I finally select a pattern, we’ll go looking for a backing for it.  Joy will sew the squares together, people will sign them when they arrive, and then afterwords, she’ll sew the squares together, print out our favorite wedding picture on fabric for the four middle squares, add the batting and backing, and send it off for someone else do a quilting stitch across it.  I’m so thrilled to see how it will look!  :)  Joy is AWESOME!


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