The dress!

Okay, so, I’ve earned enough money working my summer job to buy the dress that I tried on at New Beginnings.  I love it and would tell you more about it, but my man reads this sometimes.  I don’t want to spoil anything! :)

Anyway, back to the point:

I tried on a bunch of dresses early in the summer.  I went to three places: David’s Bridal, Wendy’s Bridal (which has changed to an independent bridal shop since), and New Beginnings.

  • I hated the service at David’s; the person who helped me was probably younger than me, was an odd type of giddy, and didn’t pay me much attention.  When we got there, we waited in line patiently (which was fine) and when it was our turn, they took the people who were obviously behind us.  I’m not a fan of them enough to give them my business.
  • The service at Wendy’s was amazing!  The owner was there when we showed up; she was friendly, helpful, and motherly with a lot of cool ideas.
  • The next day, Mom and I went to New Beginnings (and took my matron of honor and junior bridesmaid).  The service wasn’t awesome, but they were effective and helpful.  They had a much better selection than either of the other two stores and I found the first dress that actually made me gasp.  It’s the one.  It was also the last one I tried on.  Loved it.  Silly me: I didn’t get a price on any of the dresses I tried on at the last store.

So, that was the background.  Now, here’s the current info:

I’ve been looking at and adoring the dress online on Bonny’s site ever since.  I heart it.  I looked it up online to buy it and the prices all read $558.  I thought that was a little high, but I made it my goal in savings for the summer.  I’ve worked all summer selling ice cream through Mister Softee and, as of last weekend, finally made just enough to buy the dress!  So, I am ready.

I was at Hobby Lobby this evening and decided to stop by Wendy’s to see what their cost would be since I loved their service too much and, frankly, ordering a dress from the internet is a little nerve-wracking.  The same dress was nearly $300 more!  Sorry, Wendy’s.  I’m going to buy it off the internet.

Then, I decided to call New Beginnings to see if their price was comparable to the internet or Wendy’s.  $549.  Jackpot!  On top of that, they said I could get a coupon making it $499!  BAM!  Mom and I are going tomorrow to buy the dress!  YES!


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