Programs and guestquilt banner::

I’m almost constantly scouring for ideas concerning our ceremony programs.  I could use the rack cards.  Simple.  Two-sided.  But there’s probably not a design that I’m a fan of.  Or enough of a fan of.  If that makes sense.  I might just have to break down and spend money on cardstock and put things together myself (with the help of anyone around me who is crafty, that is).  Cardstock would be simpler-looking.  I could also use any leftover paper to make butterfly confetti for the tables at the reception.  We’ll see.

Also, on vistaprint’s site, I’m looking at getting a small banner made for the guestquilt station.  I’ll use the poem I found for it, too.  Then, I can donate the sign to Joy and she can use it any time she does another guestquilt for someone. :)  (Or, if she doesn’t wan it, I’ll keep it and donate it to anyone else who does the same thing.)  We’ll see.


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