Productivity is a MUST!

Today, I must be productive.

  • After a crazy week of VBS at my church, my house is in less than show condition and I’m nervous that someone may actually come and look at it.  So, a scrub down is necessary.
  • I am mid-project in scrapbooking.  France must be scrapbooked by the end of the day.
  • I need to fold laundry like it’s my job.  I have a ton of clean stuff–but it’s not folded and put away.  I’m tired of going to the laundry room to get my clothes.
  • It’s time to figure out what’s wrong with my laptop.  I need to fix it.  Need!
  • I need to come up with an idea to pamper Josette.  Her fiance broke it off last night and she needs some girl time without dwelling on the garbage side of things.

Wish me luck!


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