Okay, so I wasn’t productive, today.  My mother called and asked if she could hang at my place for a while so she didn’t have to drive all the way home and back to Florence.  Then I went with her to my dad’s hearing test with him and Mom and then Josette met us and she came to stay with me.  It was more important for me to let her talk, anyway, and kind of let her be in a normal place and such.

I was moderately productive, though: I scrapbooked a little and looked inside my laptop’s LCD to see if I can fix it myself (I can!) and then ordered the needed part.  I hope it comes in by the end of the week so Seth and I can use both of our own laptops for engagement pictures.

Tomorrow, Mom and I are going to look at more wedding dresses.  I have cash for a dress and I will not spend more than what I can pay in cash.  Okay, give or take ten dollars, I guess. :)

I may post again tonight (or the wee hours of tomorrow morning, I guess) if I find anything interesting in my random searching.  Peace.


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