Something I’m super excited about: the guestquilt we’ll have at the wedding.  Here’s how it will work:

When guests arrive, instead of signing a guestbook (that most brides/grooms never ever look at), we’ll have guests sign a piece of fabric with a special pen.  Then, my friend Joy is going to quilt them together for us.  I’m super-pumped about it.  I’ve even found a poem I want to make into a sign for guests who will sign it:

Please sign our guestquilt—yearbook style!
You may include words of wisdom, encouragement, a joke
a poem, a funny drawing, or a witty anecdote
Whatever means of expression, our thanks we cannot measure,
This guestquilt will be, no doubt, an heirloom and a treasure!

Did I mention that I’m excited about it?  I am.

Joy and I will be meeting and going out to look at stuff after she gets off of work on Friday.  :D  Yippee!


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