Seth and I will have engagement pictures, soon.  I’ve been wracking my brain trying to think of places we could go for the two-hour shoot.  I’ve been thinking of the logistcs of things in my head, too.  Here are some thoughts in no particular order–in fact, some of them are random and others are tangential:

  1. If it rains, we could do two locations: one indoors and the other outdoors–splashing in puddles and such.  If only we can keep the photographer’s camera dry. :)
  2. We get two locations and about two hours.  We’re hoping to go to the Garden of Roses in Columbus.  Also, I just had a thought that it’d be cool to go to a trendy bookstore, since we both love reading.  I can even bring a journal for a shot or two of us reading and writing, or whatever.
  3. If I can get my laptop lid fixed so that it closes, I think it’d be cute if we had shots taken with both of us on our laptops, facing each other.  We met online, so that’d be SO CUTE! <3
  4. As of right now, we have clothes planned: he’ll wear a green polo and I’ll wear my pink/fuchsia polo.  We’ll both wear khaki-colored shorts.  The problem: he needs cool shoes.  Maybe I could get him to wear leather sandals if I can find some cheap ones.
  5. We should totally wear tshirts for our second outfit.  He can wear something Buckeye and I can wear something Kentucky!  Bright colors and the pics would show where we’re from.  We could dress nice for the Garden of Roses, then drive to the bookstore/library and take a few pics.  Change there and do a few more pics, then go outside and find something cute outside!  If I’m not mistaken, there’s a park near the library in Seth’s town.

2 thoughts on “Bookstore!

  1. Sounds wonderful to me :).
    (Oh, it is the “Park of Roses”.) There is the UA Public Library which is nice. There is also the Book Loft (we should check that out sometime) which is more of a massive book store with tons of books, though not really a place to sit down and read. There is the B&N near where I live and a two story one at Easton Mall that are worth looking at, too.

    • Yeah, as I got to brainstorming more, I thought the UA Library would be great–especially if there’s a park nearby that we could walk to. That way, it’s one location; I think we’re limited to 2 locations. (Maybe we can talk her into more!?) Does that library have stairs or is it all one level? Oh, and, I miss you.

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